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Linq's VoIP is an international Internet phone service with unlimited ISD calls for a monthly fee. Our phone attaches directly to your broadband connection; no computer needed. 3 plans cover every need. Our payment structure and money back policy make it easy to try our service.
Unlimited International
No Computer
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Talk unlimited worldwide!

The 5 free destination plan buys you unlimited calling to USA, Canada, UK landline, China and Singapore for just Rs250/month, whereas the 35 free destination plan buys you unlimited calling to most major destinations across the globe for just Rs500/month!
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Frequently asked questions
What is this service, now?
This is a phone service that lets you call abroad at extremely low rates and has unlimited calling to many destinations. This service is great if you have offices abroad, if you have family abroad, or if you need to make many International calls.
How will you set up the service?
We ship you a device that you must attach to an Internet connection at your premises. There is no configuration that you must do, since we pre-configure the device before delivery.
What is an "always on" Internet connection?
An "always on" Internet connection is one that does not require you to log in each time you surf.The device we send you connects directly to your Internet connection without your PC and expects your Internet to be on at all times.
What is this incoming phone number, now?
We provide numbers from 50 countries that are delivered to your premises in India. Incoming calls are charged at the same rate as outgoing. E.g. if you take a US incoming number and in your plan US calling is free, incoming from that US number is also free. The rents for such numbers start at Rs250/month. We also provide toll free (1 800) numbers from US, UK and some other countries. Toll free numbers are great for businesses, but cost more. Click here for details.
What is a return call?
When you make a call, your callerID will be set to a number from the country called where possible. The person you have called can then call you back by dialing that number. It will first try your box, and if that fails dial any mobile or landline number you give us. For such calls you will only be charged for forwarded calls.

You can use this feature to allow your near and dear ones to call you cheaply, or to reduce your cost to call high priced destinations. The number he calls you on is permanent. You have to dial a phone just once for the called party to be able to call you back for life from that phone! Unused callerIDs will however be deleted after 6 months to a year.
What is priority call barge?
Not able to get through? Try our priority call barge by adding another zero before the number. Priority calls are charged at the next higher slab. i.e. if the call would normally cost Rs4.89, it will now cost Rs6.89.
How do we pay for the service?
You can pay by cheque, cash or credit card.
How do we register for the service?
You can register yourself by calling our helpdesk at 91-22-24216325, or go to our website and register on-line. Your card will be authorised but NOT charged while registering. We will verify the registration with you and check feasibility of the service. Only after this do we ship the device and charge the card. This process takes up to 5 working days. The shipping address must be the same as your credit card's.
How are we billed?
You get a monthly statement by email listing all your charges. Paper statements are charged extra. You also have access to an on-line console with real time information.
Is it a post paid service?
No. This is a prepaid service, with email alerts when the account goes low.
Do we need to pay GST?
Yes, except where you have a specific exemption, e.g. SEEPZ units.
Do we have to pay for shipping?
No, shipping is free. We reserve the right to express inability to service certain destinations. The subscriber will not be charged in such cases.
What if we don't like it?
Unused advance rent is refundable for 3 months after payment. Amounts paid towards the registration are refundable in full on return for 3 months after installation. No questions asked.
I am convinced. What do I do now?
Register on-line or call us on 91-22-2421 6325 and say that you want to register for the VoIP service.
Call +91 22 24216325 or send an email to for more info