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  • Hourly billed hosted PBX with no monthly minimums
  • Ultra low cost International Calling starting at Rs0.50/min
  • Get local presence with local incoming numbers and local callerID
  • No setup cost - Zero Capex
  • Low setup time, can be up in under an hour

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"Virtual PBX for High Volume International Calling!"

Linq's Cloud Hosted PBX is perfect for companies and call centers with high volume International calling requirements. It's low cost International SIP Trunk lets you make outgoing calls all over the world at local rates. It can also provide you Incoming Numbers from 50+ countries to provide you a local presence in multiple countries. It scales effortlessly from 5 to 1500 users. It's browser phone allows you to operate without additional hardware such as SIP phones if needed.

Benefits of Hosted PBX

Low cost callingLinq's Hosted PBX allows you to call Internationally from just Rs0.50/min, giving you up to 95% cost saving
Local presence abroadPhone numbers from 50+ countries around the world (including toll free numbers) can land on your PBX. Also, your outgoing calls can set these numbers as the CallerID, giving you a local presence in multiple countries.
2 way SMS CapabilityMobile numbers are available from many countries, allowing you to send and receive SMS all over the world from your PBX.
Complete feature setFeature set is suited to high volume calling by multiple callers.
Low setup timePBX can be ready for use in less than an hour. All your configuration requirements will be handled by our helpdesk.
Low investmentJust fund your account for the hourly rent and minutes and you are ready to go. Its browser based phones allow you to make calls without need for SIP phones

Gain Local Presence in Markets World-Wide

Linq's Hosted PBX brings you all the capabilities required to establish as local telephony presence in markets worldwide, such as International calling at local rates, incoming calls on local numbers, local callerID and 2 way SMS on mobile numbers

Ultra Low Cost International Calling

  • Worldwide calling starting at Rs0.50/minute
  • Rates equal or often lower than local call rates!
  • Upto 95% cost saving possible. See rates below.

Local numbers from 50+ countries

  • The PBX can be fitted with local numbers from around the world.
  • These numbers allow callers in those countries to call you by dialing local numbers.
  • Numbers from 50+ countries around the world.
  • Toll free numbers also available from many countries.
  • See full list, prices and other details on incoming numbers on this page.

Set Local CallerID on outbound calls

  • Your outbound calls can have CallerID of a local number, greatly increasing propensity to answer or call back
  • Set CallerID using rules, allowing maximum flexibility
  • Return calls on outbound calls are received by the Hosted PBX for processing

2 way SMS capability

  • Mobile numbers available from many countries that can be attached to the PBX
  • Hosted PBX has ability to send and receive SMS on these mobile numbers
  • Incoming SMS can be delivered as email or forwarded to a mobile number

Specialised Features for High Volume International Calling

Linq's Hosted PBX's features are curated for the task of High Volume International Telephony

Administer Outbound Calling with ease

  • Full recording organised by user
  • Online storage space @ Rs10/GB per month for optional long term storage of recordings.
  • Administrative users can listen or barge into calls

Handle Incoming Calls Countrywise

  • Setup ACD (or queues) countrywise or task wise. Divide incoming calls into multiple ACDs.
  • Setup multi lingual IVRs to greet and guide your callers. We help you create the voice messages.
  • Present caller with an option privacy filter that asks them to introduce themselves before connecting them.
  • Voicemail for each user deliverable as email.
  • Other features include music on hold, time of day handling and directories.

Monitor high number of Users

  • Linq's Hosted PBX is effortlessly scalable from 5 to 1500 active users
  • Each user can have multiple extensions and multiple devices, all of which ring when the user is called.
  • No limit on number of extensions
  • Browser based extensions allow caller to operate without soft phones or expensive IP phones
  • Browser based activity console shows presence and allows transfer, listen, hangup etc.

Low Setup time

Linq's Hosted PBX lets you start in under an hour. All configuration requirements are met by our 24 hour helpdesk

Signing up for a free trial

  • Click on the "take demo" link and register for the free trial.
  • A hosted demo pbx will be started for you in a minute, along with a help pane with instructions.
  • The pbx will remain functional for a couple of hours before switching off.
  • We recommend scheduling a walk through of the trial by sending us a phone, time and time zone to call you at.
  • We add credit daily for about 5 days to let you return to the trial.

Converting your free trial account to production

  • Make a small payment into your Linq account to test your ability to pay for the service.
  • Sign-in to, click on Open console -> Payments.
  • Pay by Credit Card, cheque or bank transfer.
  • Tell us your requirements such as countries to be allowed, incoming numbers, incoming call handling etc.
  • Schedule a walk through of the service by sending us a phone and time to call you at.

Low/No Investment Model

Linq's Hosted PBX allows you to start with little or no upfront investment

Hosted PBX pricing

  • No setup cost - Zero Capex due to Browser extensions.
  • Hosted PBX charged hourly starting Rs1/hour
  • No monthly minimum spend, no contract
  • You will get a online console in which you can start and stop the PBX
  • After clicking on start, the PBX is functional in about 1 minute
  • You are billed for whole hours between starting and stopping the PBX
  • PBX can be programmed to turn off at weekends to save charges
  • Cost of calls made as Per Minute Tariff below
PBX Cost per HourSimultaneous CallsEstimated Users1Estimated Monthly Cost2Estimated Monthly Cost3
  1. Estimate only for active Users. There is no limit on number of Users and Extensions that can be created.
  2. Estimate for case when PBX turned on only for shift of 200 hours a month
  3. Estimate for case when PBX turned on throughout month (720 hours in month)
  4. GST at applicable rates is extra for users in India.
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Per Minute Tariff Plan

  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Rates in INR.
Code CountryRate
1825, 1600, 1782, 1587, 1780, 1403, 1250, 1778, 1236, 1604, 1204, 1431, 1506, 1709, 1867, 1902, 1519, 1548, 1613, 1647, 1705, 1226, 1249, 1289, 1343, 1365, 1416, 1905, 1437, 1807, 1581, 1418, 1438, 1450, 1514, 1579, 1819, 1873, 1639, 1306Canada0.5000
1, 1674USA0.5000
44, 44808, 44800United Kingdom0.5000

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